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2004 Samus Aran Palmyra High School ceiling tile by ChozoBoy 2004 Samus Aran Palmyra High School ceiling tile by ChozoBoy
This was churned out pretty quickly in my last year at PHS before I transferred to CHS. After this was approved and drawn out, Mr. Budden decided that guns weren't appropriate. I tried arguing that it was an arm cannon... then a grappling beam... then thought about having an umbrella stick out of it or something before I decided to paint a Metroid on the end. I had just done a black monochromatic Metroid the same size, so I think I had just placed the canvas on top and came up with the idea.

I took this photo two or three years later, after someone found it on the ceiling by the music room. It was hard to get it all in, so it was shot at a weird angle that squashes her. I hear that the old ceiling tiles have been destroyed or thrown out.

I think I was going to make her helmet in the style of Echoes, which hadn't yet released, but I'd forgotten to finish that or something. I remember having a lot of trouble keeping the oranges consistent and that robbed me of spending time on doing highlights and touch-ups.
NeroKarasu Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
This is pretty cool. I actually drew a mini-Ridley with a Metroid on a chalkboard in my Spanish class. I believe the picture lasted a week or so. However, it wasn't as good as this, ha ha.
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